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Digitising Dentistry

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The use of digital technologies is a growing trend in most industries, and dentistry is no exception. More than 90 percent of dental clinics are now working with digital X-ray systems, and it is only a matter of time before all impressions are taken digitally using scanners, believes Dr Andreas Kurbad, who has lectured and taught courses on computer-assisted design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) in dentistry for more than 20 years.

“It’s faster, simpler and more accurate. With the use of modern design software and effective milling units, digital impressions can be directly processed, and the final restorations produced in one treatment session, saving time and money for patients,” said Dr Kurbad, who has also authored a German textbook on the subject, CAD/CAM und Vollkeramik – Ästhetische Restaurationen in der Praxis (CAD/CAM and All-Ceramics – Aesthetic Restorations in Practice).

He noted that all currently available intraoral 3D cameras are optical-based. “This means that you can only scan what you can see, so if there is blood on the preparation margin, it will not be visible. This is obviously a disadvantage now, but, in the future, the use of ultrasonic scanners should be able to solve this problem,” he said.

He predicted that the dentistry’s digitisation will also take another leap forward when data from various devices are pooled for the patients’ benefit. “Already, in the SICAT Function system, the digital recording of jaw movements can be connected with data from 3D X-rays to find and restore the optimal jaw relationship, and the data can also be used in a digital CAD/CAM system for the production of restorations. This is especially interesting for the creation of a new occlusal vertical dimension,” he explained.

He concluded: “More and more materials will be optimised for in-office, one-session treatments. Many of them are already strong enough and have very short processing times and perfect aesthetics. Modern cementation techniques will complete the digital system. There are so many benefits that no one will want to return to the old methods.”
Dr. Kurbad will be speaking in depth about the developments of digital technology at the IDEM 2018 Conference in Singapore in April.

Indonesian Dental Exhibition & Conference
Indonesian Dental Exhibition & Conference

JAKARTA, 15 Maret 2017 – Sebagai negara terpadat ke-4 di dunia, peluang perkembangan industri kedokteran gigi di Indonesia sangat besar. Indonesia sendiri memiliki 31.664 dokter gigi, namun disamping ketersediaan tenaga mutu pelayanan kedokteran gigi Indonesia juga ditentukan oleh kualitas fasilitas kesehatan. Pertumbuhan tahunan industry Kedokteran Gigi diperkirakan yaitu sebesar 20% setiap tahunnya dari pasar kesehatan Indonesia secara keseluruhan. Hal ini membuat Indonesia muncul sebagai “pasar” untuk peluang perkembangan industri kedokteran gigi.

Satuan Kredit Profesi (SKP) dibutuhkan oleh dokter atau dokter gigi dalam meningkatkan pengetahuan dan kemampuannya di bidang profesinya. Selain itu, pengumpulan SKP dibutuhkan untuk memperbaharui sertifikat kompetensi dan Surat Tanda Registrasi (STR). Per tanggal 1 Januari 2015, terdapat ketentuan baru dalam peroleh SKP, dengan ketentuan sebagai berikut :


Dalam satu periode (5 tahun) = 30 SKP

  • Minimal : 70% (21 SKP) Kegiatan Utama yang dibagi dalam

                            40% (12 SKP) kegiatan teori (seminar) atau publikasi ilmiah

                            30% ( 9 SKP)  kegiatan keterampilan (Hands On/Table Clinic/Baksos sesuai dengan kompetensi/Pengurus Organisasi/Delegasi Organisasi)


  • Maksimal  : 30% (9 SKP) Kegiatan Penunjang


Kegiatan utama Merupakan kegiatan yang dapat diverifikasi melalui Sertifikat Tertulis atau Surat Keputusan yang sesuai dengan kompetensinya, adalah:

  1. mengikuti kegiatan ilmiah yang sesuai dengan kompetensinya
  2. membuat karya tulis atau laporan kasus kedokteran gigi
  3. sebagai pembicara pada kegiatan ilmiah P3KGB
  4. sebagai peserta atau pembimbing Kegiatan Ketrampilan: hands on/demo kasus/kursus film bingkai, baksos yang sesuai dengan kompetensinya
  5. sebagai pengurus dalam organisasi profesi berdasarkan SKep.
  6. delegasi  dalam  kegiatan  organisasi  antara  lain  kongres,  rakor/rakernas, RUA


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